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CAD Software for Roofers!

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RoofCAD is the complete drawing and takeoff package for the roofing professional. It allows even novice users to produce professional roof and detail drawings in minutes. Roof quantities are automatically generated so that you get all the takeoff numbers you need to complete your estimate.
RoofCAD also lets you add the photos and your own company logo.
RoofCAD runs on the same platform as our Digitizer module. It can be run on its own or combined with Digitizer for the ultimate roof takeoff tool. When combined with Digitizer you gain the ability to create drawings from satellite images, electronic plans and paper plans. Learn More


Drawings/Takeoffs from rough site sketches
So you've measured up the roof and made a rough sketch. RoofCAD allows you to convert that sketch into a professional CAD drawing in just minutes. Simply enter the length and direction of each wall to create your roof outlines, then add your details from our premade library of roof symbols.
Apply one of our premade templates and you're done!
What Our Customers Are Saying About RoofCAD

I have been using Roof Logic for a year now and I have found that my productivity has tripled. I do all my prep work from home using the digitizer and when I arrive at my prospects I have all the information I need to quickly and efficiently close the deal. Instead of being at a prospects for several hours I spend about half an hour; I still go up and inspect the roof, but the measurements have already been completed and I have my cost of the job before I leave for the sales call. When ordering I have been right on the money every time no excess materials left over and no running to the supplier at the last minute. Roof Logic has allowed me to double my income and work less hours! Anytime I have a problem Tony and all the Roof Logic team are always available to help! If you do not have this software you are costing yourself time and money!

Doug Willoby
Dynamic Roofing

I want to personally thank you for taking time to share this product. Our first day we picked up $1200.00 on a supplement and stopped a $2020.00 mistake. Not bad for a Roofcad Newbie!!

Kerry K. Miller Sr. CEO
AmRoGroup LLC Roofing and Construction

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with RoofCAD. This program does everything I was hoping it would and more. It is extremely easy to learn. The User Guide is very well written and organized. The Support Staff is always available to answer any questions. Everyone at Roof Logic is pleasant, knowledgeable and attentive. RoofCAD saves us time, produces accurate, detailed drawings and makes our presentations look so much better. Thank You for a great product.

Vicki Fulfer
Roof Consulting Services, Inc. of Texas

Every one of our estimators here, from new construction to reroof and maintenance, uses RoofCAD. They all say it would be impossible to bid the amount of work that is required to keep us running without it.

Scott King
Snyder Roofing | Northwest Solar Solutions

RoofCAD is a great user friendly program and the user manual is great. Keep up the good work.

Nita Hoselton
Preservation Services

RoofCAD couldn’t be easier to work with. Even if I do get stuck, support is always there to help. I have clients that require their drawings in AutoCAD format. RoofCAD allows me to create and update drawings and then convert them to the required .DWG or .DXF format.

Al Kravitz
Roof Consultants Inc.

When I present RoofCAD drawings to my customers they think I've spent hours preparing them, but thanks to RoofCAD I only spent 15 minutes.

Pete Korellis
Korellis Roofing Inc.

Great program, two thumbs up!

Pat Shaughnessy
George Butler Associates

I just wanted to extend my thanks for the first rate support I have experienced with your company. The software is a very complete package and saves me hours of time. When I have had any queries regarding the software or applications, I have had fantastic support. The return phone call is always in a timely manner. The support with the online meetings is great as I can watch the technician go through the necessary steps to perform the tasks.

Darrel Holm
Top Line Roofing Ltd.

All of us at Esko would like to thank you for your Roof Logic software. We recently introduced your products into our company and have been extremely pleased. The digitizer/roof cad module has been very successful for us. Customers have been very responsive to the value it adds to the proposal phase of the project. Looking forward to your upcoming updates and plan on continuing our relationship. We also would like to thank your team for all of the support that is provided as needed.

Jeff Updyke
Esko Roofing & Sheet Metal

I know for a fact that having a quality presentation has gotten us many good projects. Especially when the bid is close, a quality RoofCAD drawing separates you as the one more prepared/professional.

Craig A. Bloxsom
Bloxsom Roofing & Siding Company

Great program, two thumbs up!

Pat Shaughnessy
George Butler Associates

Great program, great support, I could not live without it!

Loran Vis
Vis Ltd.