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Satellite: Pitched/Residential - How To
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1. Acquire a satellite or aerial image of the house from a service like Pictometry or Google Earth. Load the image into RoofCAD and set the scale.

2. Draw the roof outline by clicking the corners of the roof.

3. Next draw in all hips, valleys, ridges and eaves. Use our built in library of roofing symbols to add things like skylights, vents or stacks.

4. Now draw in the roof planes. If it is a single pitch the roof planes can be added in one step, if there are multiple pitches you add them one at a time. The system will prompt you for the pitch, you can enter the exact pitch if you know it or guesstimate until you have the real pitch from the site. Some services like Pictometery allow you to calculate the pitch, very accurately, from their images.

RoofCAD - Digitizer has your takeoff numbers ready!

5. To make your numbers more accurate print your drawing and head to the site.

6. Now add the finishing touches. First you update the drawing from the site dimensions. The length of a single eave is enough to update the entire drawing with our unique "Rescale" feature. After that you update the pitch if it turns out to be different from what you first entered. Finally you polish the drawing by applying one of the predefined legends supplied with the system. If you also have a RoofCAD license you can further enhance your drawing with photos, details, arrows and text.

You're Done!

Now you have a completed proposal drawing and takeoff record.

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