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Generate drawings and takeoffs from satellite and aerial images!

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In recent years satellite imagery has been used more and more by roofers like you to see the job before they make the trip out to the job site. Our Digitizer software takes that to a new level. It allows you to use any satellite or aerial image as a template to make a professional roof drawing complete with all the takeoff numbers you need.

Now you can have a drawing and takeoff done before you step foot on the roof.
  • Over 70 premade roofing symbols and 14 drawing templates
  • All dimensions can be site verified and updated in the system
  • Digitizer also works with electronic & paper plans
  • Works with any satellite or aerial image
  • Generates a professional CAD drawing that is yours to keep. Reopen the drawing and update it at any time.
  • Makes drawing cut up roofs a breeze
  • Save hours of time measuring roofs and calculating roof quantities
  • Creates professional CAD drawings
  • Even novice users can learn Digitizer in a few hours
  • Close more sales with an impressive presentation drawing
  • Eliminates the need to walk pitched roofs that are dangerous due to pitch, height, or bad weather.
  • Combine Digitizer with RoofCAD and gain the ability to create drawings from rough sketches, create detail drawings, jazz up your drawings with photos, arrows and more.
Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Digitizer a drawing service?
Digitizer is not a drawing service but software that you purchase or subscribe to and install on your computer. You create the drawings yourself and they are stored on your computer. You can reopen and work with the drawings again and again. Return to the top...

What is the difference between RoofCAD and Digitizer?
RoofCAD and Digitizer run on the same CAD platform and share the same interface. RoofCAD is intended for users who are making drawings from rough site sketches (hand drawings) and want to draw the roof ‘from scratch’. Digitizer is intended for users who want to use a satellite image, aerial photo or ePlan as a template to trace the roof outline. Digitizer is also the module required if you have a digitizer board and are working with paper plans. You can see that the two together make the ultimate drawing and takeoff tool for the roofing industry. Return to the top...

Can I buy or do I have to subscribe?
We sell our products both ways. If you buy, you pay an upfront fee then a nominal annual fee for support and product updates. If you subscribe you have no upfront fee. Instead you pay a monthly fee that includes support and updates. The monthly fee must be paid in order to use the product. Return to the top...

How many computers can I use the software on?
You can install the software on as many computers as you like. However, the software will only work when the key is plugged in. If the USB key is not plugged in you will be using the software in trial mode. Return to the top...

Isn’t a subscription like renting?
That’s exactly right, a subscription is like renting. A subscription does not imply a long-term rent-to-own or lease arrangement. You are free to subscribe to the module for as long as you like. Subscriptions are based on a one year contract. At the end of each contract you may subscribe for another year. Subscription fees paid are for the use of your software for that period. Talk with your tax professional about the distinct advantages software subscription has over old-fashioned software purchase. Return to the top...

Can I change my number of subscriptions?
Yes, at the end of the contract year you may adjust the number of subscriptions you want active for the coming contract year. Return to the top...

How do I pay my Subscription?
New subscriptions are be billed on a prorated amount for the remainder of the current month plus the full amount for the first full month. As an example, the initial payment for a subscription started in mid-March will be billed a prorated amount for the remainder of March in addition to the subscription due for the month of April.
Subscriptions started before the next full period will be billed on a prorated amount for the remainder of the current period plus the full amount for the first full period. As an example, a subscription started in mid-March will be billed a prorated amount for the remainder of March in addition to the subscription due for the month of April. Return to the top...

How do I cancel my subscription?
You can only cancel a subscriptions at the end of the one year contract. Simply contact us in writing by fax (416-778-5880 attn: Subscriptions) or email ( subject: Subscription Cancellation). We require written contact so that we can confirm the cancellation. Cancellations must be received by us no later than seven days prior to the end of the contract. Return to the top...

How do I acquire an image?
RoofLogic does not provide images to its users. The images you obtain yourself could be ePlans, satellite images or even aerial photographs. In fact, whether you get your images from a free online service or a paid service, you can use them all with RoofCAD Digitizer. We suggest viewing How It Works for more information. Return to the top...

What format should I save my images in?
Digitizer readily accepts bitmaps (.BMP), JPEG images, .PCX, .PNG, .GIF and .TIFF formats. If you were hoping to use .PDF files, we recommend the using Universal Document Converter. Return to the top...

Does digitizer automatically draw the roof outline?
Boy, wouldn’t we love that to be true. With today’s technology it is possible to automatically approximate the outline of the roof but it’s nowhere near precise enough. For now, Digitizer does not automatically draw the roof outline for you. The drawing process is extremely simple and we suggest viewing How It Works for more information. Return to the top...

How do I get the takeoff record and what’s included?
The takeoff record is generated in real-time. This means that the moment you add something to your drawing is the same moment it appears in your takeoff record. We recommend viewing the sample reports on this site and then viewing How It Works for more information. Return to the top...

How long does is take to do a drawing/takeoff?
A good example is to tell you that each of the roofs in our "How it works section" took 10 minutes to draw. Thats from the point where you load the satellite image to the completed drawing. Return to the top...

Are there templates included?
Yes, we have commercial and residential templates for all paper sizes, from 8-1/2" x 11" to 36" x 48". The templates include a legend of symbols with descriptions and a title block area where you can put your company name and address. The templates are fully customizable so you can completely change the look if you want. Return to the top...

Are there any symbols included?
There are over 70 premade roofing symbols such as curbs, drains, scuppers, roof vents etc. If you own a RoofCAD license, you can even make your own. Return to the top...

What Our Customers Are Saying About Satellite/Digitizer

I just wanted to extend my thanks for the first rate support I have experienced with your company. The software is a very complete package and saves me hours of time. When I have had any queries regarding the software or applications, I have had fantastic support. The return phone call is always in a timely manner. The support with the online meetings is great as I can watch the technician go through the necessary steps to perform the tasks.

Darrel Holm
Top Line Roofing Ltd.

All of us at Esko would like to thank you for your Roof Logic software. We recently introduced your products into our company and have been extremely pleased. The digitizer/roof cad module has been very successful for us. Customers have been very responsive to the value it adds to the proposal phase of the project. Looking forward to your upcoming updates and plan on continuing our relationship. We also would like to thank your team for all of the support that is provided as needed.

Jeff Updyke
Esko Roofing & Sheet Metal

With Digitizer, the time savings for inspectors, especially on complicated roofs, is tremendous. To be able to draw an existing roof from a satellite or aerial photo is a great help and saves hours on a larger roof. Other CAD software doesn’t hold a candle to RoofCAD’s ease of use. It really is designed with the roofer in mind.

Michael Wheeler

The aerial image takeoff module is a real time saver. We create a draft before the actual field inspection; the inspector notes exceptions and checks dimensions. Then, back at the office the inspector’s notes are entered and we have a professional drawing in significantly less time than before.

Dan Beck
Beck Roofing

Thanks RoofLogic for all your support. We have used the RoofCAD and Digitizer takeoff programs for all of our residential, industrial and commercial roofing needs for at least ten years. Everything from even the smallest Water Pump House shed to the larger Biomedical Research Facility at the University of Michigan was first drawn up on the RoofCAD program, and then estimated from there. Thank you for giving us upgradable, up-to-date, reliable software that allows us to do our job more adequately and efficiently.

JB Hampton
CEI Group, LLC

RoofCAD with the Digitizer add-on lets me do everything I have to do much faster than with a conventional drawing program. And I love the Detail Symbol Library. I can make detail drawings just by dragging and dropping from a pre-made list.

Kenny Harris, RRC
DavisHarris & Associates

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